We look after our people, so they can look after you

We are a growing team of UX & UI designers, developers and project managers with a shared drive to solve problems and produce world-class results. We believe in taking care of our people, so that they can take care of our clients and products.


We are empowered by diversity

We are proud to be diverse and multicultural, so that we have perspective through many different lenses. Our team of 18 comes from all walks of life and across the globe: HK · UK · US · Pakistan · France · Philippines · Malaysia · Australia


A word from all of us at Rush Hour

We are a close team of creative professionals based out of Hong Kong and Sydney. It wasn’t planned, it was realised. Over the years the camaraderie between our people shaped the company’s culture and since then became the driving force of the success behind our work and the company.

Our teams

We are all dedicated to driving results with each of the project that we work on. Every clients are valued and equal to us, no one jumps the queue, but no one is at the back of the queue either.
Individually, we lead efforts in our area. Together we take care of our people and the company
Jermoe Jerome
Jerome Tam

Director, Founder

Brice Brice
Brice Larmarque

Clients and Operations Director, Partner

Chris Chris
Chris Thorp

Technical Director, Partner

Our commitment to the team

Pragmatic approach

From hiring, to working, to dealing with clients. What makes sense for everyone is what we follow, always evolving for the better.

Daily catch-ups

We reflect on our day and determine and discuss our progress and roadblocks. This way potential risks are minimised.

Communications not directions

The managers and leadership team are here to assist and help, they are not here to just bark orders at others. If you have an ideas or a better way of doing something. Do put your hands up and share, we will always listen. 

Home thursdays

On Thursdays we work from home or anywhere that can inspire you.

Work alongside great people

We believe that the best work is done when you care about your co-workers and clients. We are all professionals here and we expect you to be the same.

Happy fridays

Our weekend starts at 5 pm. Grab your favorite drink from the fridge.

Your growth is up to you

Growth here is limitless. We embrace diverse backgrounds and skills and cultivate our people to pursue their passions. We’re committed to our employees and help them advance through:

  • Periodic one-on-one conversations
  • Dev workshops
  • Mentors and leaderships
  • Peer reviews

We are always looking for talents who wants to work with an agile team of passionate, driven thinkers and doers.

Currently we are not actively hiring, but send us your CV anyway. We are always on the look out for talented UX & UI Designers, Developers and Project Managers. Who knows, there might be something for you here.
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