Cayan Education needed an overhaul on its online platform, to develop a vibrant and appealing website for creative learning of languages. The main challenge was to combine education and e-commerce with a soft sales approach. The platform was built in Drupal for its robust API-driven architecture and NextJS for its lightning fast rendering.

Cayan Educational Design Limited
What we did
Strategy, UX&UI Design, Development
October 2021

The results

To achieve the goal, we reorganized the information architecture based on the research findings and the company's philosophy. This helped build confidence and support for their products. Customers coming to the site can now easily search for content, whether it’s products, services or relevant information.


An energetic and vibrant look and feel

Visuals speak louder. A combination of cheerful images and hand-drawn graphics represent a fun learning vibe, following the company’s belief that education should be fun and informative. Through the use of illustrations to convey Cayan’s learning ideas as well as its branding strategy, this helped Cayan stand out from its competitors.



Cayan Education takes on a new concept for language learning. With such an interesting take on a rather traditional effort, it was important that we conveyed this all throughout the design of the site.

We used a lot of visual elements - images, icons, graphics, to illustrate the information in a cheerful way. We used a palette of bright colours for an energetic approach while creating a visual balance by keeping the background white on all pages.

To ensure the site is easy to maintain, we crafted a full design system library for the internal team to choose from that is also flexible for future content.



We took a headless approach using Drupal for it’s robust API-driven architecture, and NextJS for it’s lightning fast rendering. Using this approach helped us to synergize fully with design system, since we could build components in isolation from the backend logic.


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